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Is your glass full?

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During our entire life we have been accumulating information which makes us who we are. The negative and positive information impacts our lives daily. Sometimes a simple drop can activate us into a state of total non-understanding.

When this happens we don't think of our full glass or what has filled it up. We only focus on that little drop which seems to be the entire filled glass.



It should be known that the subconscious is very complex and functions 24 hours a day. It records all, without anyway of sorting nor selection. It does not have any emotion. All is kept, since your most young age, good or bad, even if you want to forget something unpleasant, it will keep it in a corner, even if you believe to have forgotten it , you haven't.


Your subconscious will be influenced by all the positive and negative eventsof your life.



It is only by intervening on your subconscious that we can remove or make piece with our past, then one can make changes on his attitude and life. We can say that the therapist “reprograms” the subconscious, he makes peace with the facts, the words, the scenes recorded in your past and records in replacement good adapted suggestions.


Hypnosis is an extremly powerful tool.



In spite of its name resulting from the Greek “Hypno” (which means sleep) and as opposed to what most people think, the hypnotic state has nothing to do with ordinary sleep, it acts rather as a tool which makes it possible for the individual to reach the state of ALPHA at various levels of depth. In this state the subconsciousness of the individual is more active or receptive which facilitates the therapist to eliminate the negative emotions from his past. In fact, what occurs is that the person remains always conscious of everything that happens during the entire session. Hypnosis is a extremely powerful tool to resolve various pathologies and symptoms.


Everyone has the natural capacity to be hypnotized.


Québec Therapists have been using L'Approche Véniez © for over 25 years with sucess. This technic has just now been translated in english. Professional training or indiviual therapies are available.


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Dr Peter Veniez, Ph.d., N.D.

L’approche Véniez© and it's

treatment's in Psychotherapy - Hypnotherapy with

Doctor Peter Véniez Ph.D., N.D.


Founder of  L’approche Véniez©

Founder and CEO of the

Naturopathic Medicine Council of Canada (NMCC)

Founder and CEO of the
Alternative Medicine Examiners Council of Canada (AMECC)

Founder and CEO of the

Canadian Union of Professional Hypnotherapists (CUPHT)

Founder and CEO of the

Canadian Union of Professional Psychotherapists (CUPP)

Director and professor of the

Quebec College of  Psychotherapy / Montreal (CPQM),

Founder and CEO of the

Quebec Commission of  Alternative Medicine Practitioners (CPMDQ) and

President of the

Quebec Union of Professional Psychotherapists (SPPQ).


The solution in Psychotherapy with L’approche Véniez© is to identify the causes, the source of his or her symptoms to eliminate them. The most precise and fastest way is with L’approche Véniez©. These different techniques are used; visualization, breathing and relaxation, hypnotism, the subliminal, and post-hypnotic suggestions. There is nothing artificial or supernatural about hypnosis.
  1. The first session consist of; a series of questions asked to the individual to obtain therapeutic useful information about the patient. This session allows the therapist to understand his patient and explain to him how the therapy will take place. At the end of this first session, the therapist will introduce a brief induction of hypnosis to his patient. . (duration of the meeting is 1 hour and usually more).
  2. The second session consist of; light follow-up by the therapist and deepening the patient's hypnotic state. . (duration of the session is between 45 minutes to an hour).
  3. The third session consist of; the work, acceptance, the release of shocks, traumatisms or causes of the lack of security experienced by the patient.. (duration of the session is usually 1 hour or more).
  4. The fourth session consist of; closing, reconciliation of the adult and the inner child, an experience of self-identity, self-confidence and loving yourself. . (duration of the session is between 45 minutes to an hour).

Once this work is done the results are permenent. The patient is self-sufficient and dose not need further treatments. A brief Follow-up my be in order.


HypnosisWhat is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is simply inducing someone in the state of Alfa or otherwise known as R.E.M. (Rapide Eye Movement). In this state your subconcienceness is more active and or receptive. Can everyone be hypnotized? YES




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