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(3123.2) Technique in therapy and diagnosis

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Canadian Union of  Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners (CUCAMP)

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Canadian Union of  Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners (CUCAMP)

certificate CPMDQ

  • To have followed a vocational training which fulfills the requirements of the respective union.
  • To be sworn in with to the code of ethics of the members.
  • To be a therapist who acts professionally and in total respect of the human person. (competence, professionalism, integrity)
  • To safeguard the reputation of the CPMDQ and its members in all times.
  • To be convinced of the advantages, its approach and its school of thought while respecting that of the others.

The Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths (SPNQ) division of the CPMDQ

Form of petition GOUV. for the recognition

Constituted under the laws of the S-40 chapter of the trade-union laws, published in the Official Gazette of Quebec in August 1991, the CPMDQ is a Trade union with nonlucrative goals which manages mainly therapists with-in alternative medicine. Since 1991, the Corporation also gathers naturopathes. The CPMDQ legally reserved the name “ Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths ” with the Registraire of the Inspector general of Quebec. The recording of this name was to identify our naturopath members in a respective group of their profession.


"Naturopathic Medicine Counsil of Canada" (NMCC) et

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 le "Canadian Council of  Naturopathic Examiners" (CCNE) et

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le Conseil des Examinateurs en Naturopathie du Québec (CENQ)

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who at summer formed like service with the profession of the naturopathes. Its objective is to standardize the formation of the naturopathes of Quebec. The “CENQ” makes sure of the quality of teaching as well as competence of the students and/or candidates who answered requirements for acceptability of examination. The “CENQ” is thus an office of examination and quality control of the education of the naturopathes. The council of five members “CENQ” works in consultation with a Consultative Committee which is structured to have representatives of:

CENQ is a non-profit organization independent and of which the goal is to prepare high quality, the reliable examinations which evaluate the competence of the naturopathes of entry-level to go well to the doctor naturopathy license/register. The Council of the CENQ has chairs of examination which supervises the process of development and examination, is charged to receive the candidates naturopathes, wishing to be recognized by an assembly of their piers.

The entitlement of the naturopath's title;

The title of Naturopath is a label of competence, a reference, following what the naturopathe will be registered in the directory of the Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths.

He may also be able to present himself at the General meeting if he wishes to become a member of the Board of directors of the Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths.

The Commission of naturopaths;

The commission meets to receive the candidates whom are entitled to recieve the title of Naturopath with at least five members, except with the exemption of a vote by the A.C. Punctually, any member of the board can sit at this commission.

(CENQ) meets once a month to receive the candidates whose file of request for establishment of the naturopath title is complete, i.e. presents all written information answering the requested criteria and information.

The discussion with the candidate lasts thirty minutes, the following which the Members of the Commission of naturopaths vote (they cannot abstain from), in favour of the establishment of the naturopath's title or the adjournment.

The decision is ratified by the board, starting from the report/ratio which is submitted to him by other naturopath members of the (CENQ) present during the interview of the candidate.

In the case of an adjournment, the candidate is invited by mail to deepen such or such insufficient criterion. The preliminary study of the file generally avoids the convocation of a candidate who would not present any qualification at the trade of naturopathe.

The more so as during adhesion to the Trade union, three possibilities are proposed which distinguish the people being able to claim with the establishment of those which do not enter the criteria: associate members (it acts people exerting another trade but wishing to receive the information disseminated by the trade union of the naturopathes), them

members studying (the student registered in a recognized educational establishment), and the adherent members (who are already naturopathe, even beginners).

In addition to the reception of the candidates, it (CENQ) worked more specifically on the manner of evaluating the qualities awaited at the applicant with establishment.

Thus for each principal criterion:
    - formation.
    - the professional experience.
    - the supervision.
we sought to distinguish the observable indices from the measurable and quantifiable indices of a naturopath.

Because to assess is the qualities of a naturopathe are eminently subjective (psychotherapy), how thus to objectify part of the necessary criteria?

A report of this work will be soon available in the form of summary in this heading.

Committee of discipline for naturopathes;

The CPMDQ established the highest standards formation ethics with, inter alia, a committee of discipline of the naturopathes which treats effectively very felt sorry for written of the public.
“Alternative medicine” are medicines which do not use or very little the chemical substances, nor the surgery. (Villeneuve, C.) Survey near the Québécois users of alternative medicine, Office of the professions of Quebec, August 1991, page (6) article (1.5)

However, in spite of the absence of legislation, the naturopathy is not illegal. It is simply a profession not yet legally recognized by the Office of the professions of Quebec as it is the situation for the physical teachers, the biologists, and for good of other disciplines which however have a formation recognized by the ministry for Education or that of the Higher education and Science, which is not yet the case for the naturopathy.

Who are naturopaths?

As its name indicates it, naturopathy called upon natural methods to bring a quality of life, form and environment. In spite of a good hygiene of life, we all are likely to be exposed to various stresses or of living experiments harmful, traumatic, which will undermine our health. The profession of naturopathe, in the field of the care of health, is centered on the prevention and it employs natural methods and substances to improve the re-establishment of the people. The naturopathes examine the patients, pose diagnoses and look after the patients. Their method stresses the support and stimulation of the mechanisms of cure inherent in the body. It will be then necessary to intervene to choose therapeutic the most adequate. Expensive with the antiques traditions, the naturopathy treats vital energy human being of which great care should be taken. This vital energy, partly generic, becomes exhausted little by little with the age and the many ones devitalizing, for example; tobacco, alcohol, the abuse drugs or drug, chemical pollution, the electromagnetic ones, stress, overwork etc…

What is a naturopathe and what is his role?

Neither doctor MD, nor healers, naturopathes N.D., are teachers of the health who, with an aim first, incite their patients to adopt a life style favorable to health. Knowing that a good hygiene of life is essential for the maintenance of a good health, naturopathe N.D., or Doctor in naturopathy, offers to its patient a vital assessment which determines the factors of risks and the tendencies hereditary predisposing with the diseases.

The principal role of naturopathes N.D.

The principal role of naturopathes N.D., are initially to carry out the interventions necessary in order to prevent the development, risks of diseases. The vital assessment establishes by the naturopathe leads to an important teaching dialogue which responsabilise the patient towards a reharmonisation of his daily habits mainly towards the hygiene of life, phytotherapy, clinical nutrition, ect.

The Naturopathe N.D., trys to avoid or delay diseases, and is professionally formed to guide its patients towards better food practices, exercise, rest and sleep, management of stress etc….

Formations of the certified naturopathe (n.d.)

The duration of the formation of the certified naturopathe (n.d.) is of 1000 hours minimum academic close including various work and obligatory research. The taught subjects are the anatomy/physiology mainly internal organs, pathology, the nutrition, the phytotherapy and the study of the signs and symptoms.

Formations leading to the doctorate of naturopathy (N.D.),

With regard to the formation leading to the doctorate in naturopathy (N.D.), it is considerably more elaborate than certification to (n.d.). The doctorate consists of a 5400 hours minimum academic with the result that the doctor in naturopathy (N.D.) has strong knowledge on the level of the anatomy/physiology, pathologies, nutrition, herbology for example; on the various medicinal plants or essential oils, manual therapy for example; maybe into chiropratic, kinesitherapy, osteopathy or massothérapie, of the various techniques in psychotherapy for example a strong knowledge on the level of the hypnothérapie, homeopathic medicine, Chinese medicine for example; acupresure, Chinese herbology, nutrition according to Chinese traditional medicine, Chinese pulse and of the energy techniques for example it (M.R.P). Moreover, naturopathe N.D., must presented and to deposit a thesis with the 200 hours equivalence for obtaining its title of doctor recognized by “Canadian Council of Naturopathic Examiners” (CCNE).

naturopathic, naturopathe, natur

You wish to consult a true Naturopathe N.D., or Doctor in naturopathy?   Ensure yourself that the person you are consulting is well a member of the “ Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths” (CPMDQ).

For required quality

  Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths

President of the Union:     Dr Peter D. Veniez, Ph.D., N.D.


Education required

Academic minimal requirements for the certificate ( n.d. ): 1000 hours

Anatomy + Physiology Pathologies

Modulate 1 - Cardiovascular system 

Blood: composition and function

The heart: anatomy/physiology

Blood vessels and the hémodynamique one

Modulate 1  

Pathologies of the cardiovascular system

Modulate 2 - Respiratory system    

Important bodies

Physiology of breathing

Regulation of breathing 

Modulate 2

Pathologies of the respiratory system

Modulate 3 - Digestive system   

The organization of digestion (stages)

Digestive bodies: anato/physio  

Modulate 3

Pathologies of the digestive system

Modulate 4 - Lymphatic system    

Vessels and lymphatic circulation

Lymphoid fabrics

Not-specific defenses

Specific defenses (immunity)

Modulate 4

Pathologies of the lymphatic system

Modulate 5 - Urinary system     

Kidneys: anatomy/physiology

Formation of the urine: Stages

Anatomy/physiology of the urinary system

Modulate 5

Pathologies of the urinary system

Modulate 6 - Nervous system     


Modulate 6

Pathologies of the nervous system

Modulate 7 - System endocrinien    

Endocrine glands

Hormones and their physiology

Endocrine glands and their functions

Modulate 7

Pathologies of the system endocrinien

Modulate 8 - Skeletal system    

Basic anatomy

Modulate 8

Pathologies of the skeletal system   
  • The quality of food

  • Essential nutrients
  • Supplements and vitamins

  • Drinks

  • Bases of a balanced food

  • The physiological action

  • Food combinations

  • The study of the various types of modes

  • The study of the various groups of people according to their nutrition and bonds diathetic.

Studies of various Principal plants used in the world for their medicinal virtues, their habitat, theirs

principal effects and their traditional uses for various pathologies

  • Legal aspect of the practices for Naturopathes in Quebec

  • The management of the personal and confidential information of the file customer

  • Thesis on a pathology of your choice

  • The meeting and the interrogation of the patient, the constitution of the file of the naturopathes, the advice and recommendations of the naturopathes for the treatments.


Academic minimal requirements for doctorate (N.D.): 5400 hours

The course below dépendament applies training scheme and equivalences.

  • Anatomy/Physiologie programs advanced (300 hours)
  • Pathology programs advanced (250 hours)
  • Nutrition advanced advanced program (200 hours)
  • Herbology Level II (350 hours)
  • Homeopathy (250)
  • Hypnothérapie (335 hours)
  • Homeopathic medicine (200 hours)
  • Aromathérapie (100 hours)
  • Reflexology (150 hours)
  • Technique énergétique/M.R.P. (200 hours)
  • Chinese medicine (300 hours)

MEDICAL SEMIOLOGY of the naturopathes

(Orthopedy, rheumatology, neurology, endocrinology, psychiatry, O.R.L., internal medicine)

NUTRITION AND ELEMENTS Of the naturopathes

Nutrition programs advanced (300 hours)

Herbology Level II (250 hours)

The natural remedies in question, they are - inter alia - the vitamins, the minerals, the enzymes, the compounds containing enzymes, the grasses or botanical drugs, the preparations homeopathic and the amino acids coming at the same time from vegetable sources and the animal sources. They are called also produced health, products homeopathic or treatment natural.


Base in relation of assistance (500 hours) Cliquer here



METHODOLOGY OF the RESEARCH of the naturopathes

CLINICAL DAYS of the naturopathes

Clinical training course six months (600 hours) min.

DRAFTING OF the THESIS of the naturopathes

Thesis (200 hours)


Pour de plus amples renseignements sur les programmes de formations:

La nouvelle entrée pour le programme de formation en Naturopathie est en tout temps.

Pour s'inscrire ou pour autres renseignements sur la formation

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Advantages of the Members




To become a member

To become a member of our “Trade association of Naturopathes of Quebec” (CPMDQ).
Any person who wishes to become member must beforehand make evaluate her academic file while telephoning the 1-800-624-6627 or with (514) 990-6658. You ensure that YOUR school is not registered at the heading “PROTECT you " , recommendées or recognized by Menu associations

“You PROTECT " . At the acceptance of the file, a meeting will be fixed with one of the representatives of the CPMDQ.

With this meeting you will have:

- To fill a form with inscription.

- You to make swear in with the respect of the payments of the CPMDQ.

- To provide a copy supplements your academic file and/or of your curriculum vitae vitæ.

- To spend the sum of 300$ which represents the annual contribution for one year. This sum can be paid either by Visa card, MasterCard, cheque/mandate with the order of the CPMDQ or other species.

As of the assermentation, you now have access to the many advantages of the CPMDQ. Please take note that the covers of insurance is the insurance drugs, the insurance liability civil and professional (optional) or others are not included in the price of the annual contribution of the CPMDQ.


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Do not forget how some Ontario Naturopatic Associations and schools can from time to time give a small friendly slap on the shoulder of their Canadian colleagues to encourage them in their profession........


....... Here it is done!          Reflexion of; Dr Peter Veniez, Ph.D., N.D.,

                                                      From; CPMDQ, SPNQ, CCNE, NMCC

Canadian Council of Naturopathic Examiners (CCNE)

Naturopathic Medicine Council of Canada (NMCC)

         accredited naturopathic physicians, Canada.


This is why the CPMDQ is now opening provincial CHAPTERS in All of CANADA.

Each province will have a real Professional Naturopathic Union to represent it's members

whether the province is legislated or not.

With the support of the CCNE and the NMCC

Canadian Union of Professional Naturopaths

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Canadian Union of Professional Naturopaths  (CUPN)

It is time that the one groupe stops dictating the rules in their own favor and a voice of real

Naturopathic Doctors be represented to the government and public of each province through a provincial

Professional Naturopathic Union.

For more information cantact us at :



NEWS BLOC 2: Silvia Cademartori. 

HOMEOPATHY: the prestigious medical journal Lancet, reports in its issue today that homeopathy doesn't work. Homeopathy has been around for hundreds of years, and it is considered "alternative" medicine in Canada. Lancet, based on a study, questions the effects of homeopathy compared to a placebo. CBC's Dave Bronstetter spoke with Dr. Peter Veniez, president of the Quebec Union of Professional Naturopaths.  

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